Chen Kai has founded the Classifiable Movement puts his 'Classifiable Movement' theory into practice and visualizes the concept of 'let the movement speak for itself'. His logic thinking pattern cultivates the rational side of the dance and shapes multi-layers of movement analysis.

Kai created his choreographic method of 'Classifiable Movement', which categorizes movements according to their features, namely linear, turning, twist, flex and rolling, etc. Focusing on merely one feature each time, a series of pieces has been developed - Line, Circle, Line and Aureola, Sweep (overture), Twist, Flex, Circle II, Line II, Sweep, Movement with Fan and so on.  

To further elaborate his 'Classifiable Movement' methodology, Kai will continue to explore, learn, and assimilate the knowledge and findings offered by modern choreographers as well as his own experiences in life to achieve breakthroughs in contemporary dance.