About Sweep (2016)


Art Critic:洛楓
原刊香港、台灣:《Art Plus》,2016年3月號

About Chen Kai (2015)

"Chen Kai is considered as one of the most promising young choreographer-dancers in the city."

48Hours∣South China Morning Post (9Apr,2015)

About Circle II (2014)

"I was delighted when I attended Chen Kai’s performance of Circle II and was exposed to the special creative talent that the Academy nurtures and which does much to define what is unique about Hong Kong as a creative community"

Professor Adrian Walter AM
Director of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

"Such poetic exploration of the possibilities of movements in Hong Kong is rare … I was inspired."

Art Critic: Cally Yu俞若玫
IATC 國際演藝評論家協會(香港分會)

About Line II (2014)


Art Critic:洛楓
原刊香港:《Art Plus》2014年7月號